Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Woah I Have Really Dropped Off

Guess its because i haven't actually been doing that much to talk about. Besides learning the piano - stupid thing who knew it would be that hard :P

Lets see, well I guess the most momentous thing in my life at the moment is that i finally got another temp job - no previous employee to snatch it away, in fact the smell of slight desperation permeated the air at my interview. If you can call it an interview, more like an informal chat that lasted about 10minutes. And to think I spent all that time on my hair and makeup. And I even did my eyebrows. My hairdresser did my eyebrows for me on the weekend and I love them. I know that sounds strange and a little bit vain, but if you have ever gone through having shapeless eyebrows that you don't like to nice ones that have some shape without being stick thin then you will know exactly what i am talking about. They are the best i have ever had them, and my hairdresser doesn't do them professionally. All those different beauticians and professionals and i got the best one in the kitchen of my hairdresser sitting in her $28 eBay barber chair. I really should get her something as a thank you. Now where was I... oh yeah the job. I started today; i only found out i got it yesterday afternoon. I kind of feel like my time off is unfinished, like there are some loose ends to tie. Not that there are really, I guess i just didn't get the whole wind down that i am used to when i know that i have to go to work in the next couple of days. Don't get me wrong, i would prefer not to be working but i could use 8 weeks worth of money so i can't say no. I miss buying stuff. Although i know i can't because mom says i have to save money for uni. Good old practical mum. I am an extravagant spender trapped in a family full of penny pinchers. So for the next couple of months i will sell my time for $20 per hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I have become more interested in makeup and hair techniques in the last couple of weeks (before my job when i had plenty of time to kill). You tube is a bonanza of how to videos, first there was piano lessons, now eye makeup and hair styling. Now if only I could get time to do it. I will have to make sure my laziness does not kick back in and bring my apathy back with a vengeance. Better go, i only have half an hour left before my show comes on and i have about 800 stories in my RSS feeds to read. Twilight is less than 20 days away from premiering in the states and the twi-hards are going post crazy.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sing Us A Song You're The Piano Man

Wow i never really contemplated the piano and how people play it until i ery slowly. I always knew that pianists were talented but now i have a new appreciation for their abilities as I am still struggling along. I am practicing the chords, all that major and minor key stuff is confusing me. Plus the notes that i need to hit always seem to be the furtherest point away from each other and i have to stretch to reach the keys, more often then not taking the next one along with it to produce that awful wrong note sound. But i know that its just practice and rehearsal. I am sure that Billy Joel or Elton John or Alicia Keys were once at the level that I am now. Only they were 5 years old. Well my dreams of being a rock star musician were always limited to vocalist. But being tone deaf kind of quashed that dream. And I know the whole spiel about if you want something badly enough yada yada but quite frankly there is not a vocal teacher on this planet that could make my voice listenable. Or tolerable. I'll put singing lessons on my list of things to do when i have so much money i can afford to flit it away on totally useless things.
On other not really interesting but i feel i should post something news I have started trying out new styles with my hair. I am getting little bit bored with it but after chatting with mum i don't think i will change it. She thinks the colour is great and even though I keep seeing pictures of brunette celebrities with fabulous hair, i think, at the end of the day what i am most unhappy with is my face and not my hair. Changing the colour of my hair will not change the way my face looks or the dark shadows under my eyes. I thought maybe darker hair would go better with my paler skin as i always felt that being blonde you should be tanned. So i am going to my hairdresser tomorrow so i don't think i will do anything drastic. If i got it cut off and shaped i would soon get sick of it and wish it was long and grow it back. Again change the face not the hair. Or the neckline under my jaw because it is heading south. I swear i would plastic surgery its ass so fast if i had the money but apparently the neck is one area that is very hard to nip and tuck (or so i have read). Besides at this point i would rather use the money to clear up the old acne scars and the rather unattractive dark spots and splotches (no not freckles, freckles are smaller,lighter in colour and usually cuter) that i have. According to my dermatologist its melasma which is hormonal and due to roaccutane. He says its much more harder to get rid of then say freckles and no over the counter stuff will fade it (i figured as much). Apparently lasers are the way to go; they have had great results at fading. Lasers = expensive. I is poor. Life never seems to go your way does it.
Guess i will just have to find a new way of doing my hair so that it covers my face.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Can Hear Music

I have taken up playing the piano,or more technically, the organ. I dug my old portable keyboard out of the garage and plugged it in. I had heard Fur Elise played on the piano and had grandiose visions of myself replicating it. I always wished I learnt the piano but we didn't have one and my parents wouldn't pay for lessons. Hence the organ, which was really good, the type that has all different instrument settings and rythmns and automatic chords. Ah chords, that was my downfall so perhaps it was best that i didn't take up the piano. I could never get my head around what both my hands were doing at the same time. If it was a one note chord on the left hand I was fine, but three different keys and stretching the hands to reach the keys and usually being slower than what the right hand is playing just totally threw me off. I could play the right hand fine; i should point out that this was when i was ten so i was using books that printed the letters of the notes on them and weren't too complicated. Songs like Wooden Heart, Jingle Bells, easy versions of classic compositions. I liked the fact that my organ had a program where you could hit one chord note and it actually played the three at once so it sounded a lot more professional. So i have been reacquainting myself with my old books. Its pretty much all coming back to me. I was trying to remember why i gave it up; I think it must have been because i was getting older and i couldn't be bothered taking the next step to learn how to read music and thus practice more difficult songs. And judging by how quickly the songs came back to me and how quickly I got a bit bored, I think the same song selection would have bored me.
But boy haven't things changed in the 15 or 20 years. Whereas I used to have to go out and hunt for sheet music today, thanks to our old friend the internet, you can print them out yourselves. A lot of the sites you have to pay for the sheet music but there are a few sites that have free sheet music, usually public domain or classic songs. The problem that I find is that I have not heard the tune being played so therefore I have no idea how it goes and am just kind of plucking at keys. I have aldo decided to start learning the proper three chords, slowly, i seem to have got my head around the basic white keys ones, its when they throw in a sharp or a flat that i have to contort my hand to hit them. Plus I am playing everything s-l-o-w-l-y as i am learning it. I downloaded Pachelbels Canon for piano (a pretty basic version) and spent today practicing it. I started about 2 o clock or so and by dinner time I had both hands down pat and could play four lines together and it actually sounded like it meant to. Its just a matter of practicing it to committ it to memory. Its hard not to get flustered and hit the wrong key; i actually notice that my mind wanders and i am not concentrating, even just slightly like i take my eyes off the keyboard or sheet music or look down at the floor and interrupt my train of thought and I am like, wait where am i up to.
Anyways I have tentatively downloaded a basic version of the entertainer to try tomorrow. But i may have bitten off more than I can chew as its timing between the left and right hand is so different that you literally are playing two tunes at once and i can't seem to not focus on one and not neglect the other. But i shall think of it as a challenge. Plus its keeping my occupied. Time really flew today, instead of clockwatching. Its nice for a change.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nothing Much Interesting Happened Today

Unusual isn't it.

It was warm today, in fact it was a little too warm although i prefer that to rainy days. I forced myself to go out today, i have really bad blisters on both feet so i think its time to get some new sneakers. Pauls Warehouse had a 2 for 1 sale in town so we went in there - they are in this old market store warehouse, the escalators don't work, there is no air circulation and PW is on the third floor. There were a million people around and only 3 sales staff in the footwear department; the had shoes labelled for running and cross training and casual but i could not find anything for walking and with 2 whole walls of shoes that almost look identical i didn't have a chance.
After what seemed like an eternity although was probably only 20 mins I jumped a salesman that became free. Why oh why did it have to be a male salesmen when i was wearing a dress that looked ridiculous when trying on sneakers and i had been too lazy to shave my legs. After finding out that they didn't have 3 different shows in my size it was narrowed down to two. The one that looked nice (hey i am shallow okay) was too snug across the foot which is coincidentally where my blisters are. The other pair are Asics and they are a muted grey colour. I didn't really like the look of them (perhaps i am just used to the white funky looking ones with the trim and the stripes etc) but i have to admit they fit better and i could feel my heels were cushioned well. And they were discounted $70 bucks. Sold.
So now i have new shoes and hopefully less blisters. So i can continue walking which allows me to daydream about things other than my real life. I am so happy there.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well you know that the pickings on television are slim when you find yourself watching a program called Psychic Kids. I think it is horrible that these people are exploiting peoples pain - this father is obviously in pain over his missing son and the idea that they can give him false hope disgusts me. If they were just taking money from people who come in for a reading or something that is one thing but to, urgh, it just annoys me. Feeding off peoples desperation. And know they have kids involved. Probably looking for the next John Edwards to make a packet off. I shouldn't be so cynical, perhaps its just the fact that there is nothing to watch on tv has made me cranky.
I went for two walks today. The first was this morning, down to get the local paper and back. Lost about half an hour talking to a lady walking two cute dogs; she obviously likes a talk so we were discussing all sorts of thing. I couldn't make my escape politely enough. When i finally got away my body had obviously cooled down because my calf muscles hurt so much and i felt stiff. Plus the battery died in my Iriver. I had to walk up my street with nothing but the thoughts in my head. It was the longest walk of my life.
I kind of bummed around today; spent most of it surfing. I tried to watch a video but wasn't really into it, tried to have a nap but wasn't really tired. I was actually checking the time waiting for it to be around 4pm so i could go for another walk. I just wanted to get out of the house and its the best way to do it. I couldn't go early because it was a hot sunny day and i would burn to a crisp (or rather add another million ugly freckles to my body). This time i went a different way - the other side of the town from the way i usually went. It was nice as half of it had designated pathways so i didn't have to dodge the traffic. Its scary how fast some cars are going in a 60/70km zone.
I had a follow up appointment with Dr KJS; it was a bit lackluster. There has not been a major upheavel, which is probably my fault and i expected nothing less,however its still kind of offputting. I don't feel the buoyancy or the elation that i felt when i left last time. But as they say this is just the beginning, my life starts now. Actually tomorrow as its late and i don't have anywhere to go.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ooh I am ever so naughty. I haven't written anything is about 5 days. Musn't keep the masses waiting any longer; I am sure they need an update about the life of Hips Magee and her sidekick Lord Stinkypants.
I finished my temp job at the engineering place. It was so lovely on Tuesday morning to wake up and not have to go sit somewhere for 7 and a half hours and feign enthusiasm and interest. I wish i could make that a career itself; perhaps teaching others how to act enthusiased and together and confident to help them in their pursuits. It is something that I excel in. I am the perfect little administrator/secretary/receptionist: I will follow yours orders with a smile on my face, do the menial tasks you designate me with the grace of an angel, all the time despising the fact that I have to do what others tell me to.
Enough of that. Yesterday i went for another temp interview with a planning firm. It was a temp job up until christmas and then they were going to review whether it may become a permanent role. It was an administrator role, least it wasn't reception, more like pushing papers around on a desk or creating files on the computer. I think I did okay in the interview, again I came across as enthusiastic and interested all the time mentally trying to count the exact number of days i would have to turn up to the place. I think it was like 60 days. 60 days of getting up early, driving in the horrible work traffic, having to park in a parking station and foot the bill and for what - a boring role in a boring office. God why does all admin have to be in boring jobs. Isn't there any exciting or interesting fields out there that require administration that goes beyond the realm of just typing letters and filing and binding.
The recruitment lady told me to be quietly confident as i was the front runner of the candidates - however there were only two candidates interviewed. I was more like quietly dying at the prospect of returning to the employed world. Turns out i don't have to worry because ONCE AGAIN I have been pipped at the post for a role that went to someone that worked for the company. It was OneSteel all over again. 'Cept this time the worker wasn't even on the scene until this morning when one office was talking to the sydney head office and mentioned it and lo and behold they had the perfect candidate that was interested. Is going to move up from Sydney for it. Well good on her.
I should be happy right? No time to think now as I can hear Lord Stinkypants quietly snoring in the bean bag and its kind of making me tired. Will probably think about it lying in bed but hopefully will drift off. Maybe i will have some more madcap dreams like last nights time travel scenario and gangster apartment block.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Definition Of Stupidity.

Signing up to Facebook when you have no friends.


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